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Impact of the Freedom Charter

Duration: 00:14:04

People: Trevor Manuel, Graham Bloch, Rose Maart, Adli Jacobs, Randall van der Heever, Trevor Oosterwyk, Franklin Sonn, Bulelani Ngcuka, Logan Wort, Lulu Johnson

Primary Language(s): English

Description: Video on the Freedom Charter, including interviews with Logan Wort (Western Cape Youth Congress), Lulu Johnson (former COSAS president), Franklin Sonn (Coloured Teachers' Professional Association President and former ambassador to the U.S.), Trevor Oosterwyk (Western Cape Youth Congress), Adli Jacobs (Call of Islam Executive Member), Rose Maart (Garment Workers Union), Randall van der Heever (Coloured Teachers' Professional Association Vice President), Graham Bloch (former NUSAS leader), and Bulelani Ngcuka (MDM spokesperson and former National Director of Public Prosecutions and Scorpions).

Short Clips

"It is the essence of building South Africa nation." 00:01:40
Description: Footage of protests, a brief history of the Freedom Charter, and Trevor Oosterwyk of the Western Cape Youth Congress speaking about the importance of the Freedom Charter for establishing a sense of peace and friendship for the nation's youth.