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Unrest in Crossroads
Nyanga, Cape Town
May 19, 1986
May 20, 1986
May 30, 1986
Duration: 00:16:56

People: Buyiswa Jack, Helen Suzman, Mkuseli Jack

Organizations: African National Congress (ANC ), Progressive Federal Party, National Union of South African Students (NUSAS)

Primary Language(s): English, Xhosa

Description: Footage of unrest in Crossroads, including shacks on fire, stone throwing, and police patrol. [00:30] Clip of an interview with a government official on terrorism and war in frontline countries. [03:54] Helen Suzman, veteran opposition party leader, listens to a government official and speaks to the marchers. [07:54] Buyiswa Jack, a woman from Nyanga Bush and ANC member working for the Cape Provincial Government (in brown knitwear) interprets for the crowd [09:02] Segment of Mkuseli Jack, a former UDF and Port Elizabeth Youth Congress leader and political detainee, meeting with former NUSAS leaders. [14:33] Further footage of clashes with police in Cape Town. [14:42] Footage of unidentified women in KTC squatter camp speaking about burning of houses. [15:50]