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Johnson Ngxobongwana at the Nyanga Administration Board Offices
Duration: 00:18:31

People: Johnson Ngxobongwana

Description: Footage of Johnson Ngxobongwana arriving at the Nyanga Administration Board Offices. [00:18]. Johnson Ngxobongwana was a once popular leader in the Crossroads squatter camp, where he and Oliver Memani formed the United Crossroads Committee which facilitated discussions between the then Minister of Cooperation and Development, Dr Piet Koornhof, and the Crossroads Committee. He later lost popularity due to his corrupt distribution of housing, working ties with apartheid government, and the development of the witdoeke vigilantes. Footage of a former apartheid local government officials speaking with group. [01:24] Johnson Ngxobongwana discusses Crossroads and the violence. [03:22]