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The Church in the 1980s
Duration: 00:05:42

People: Charles Villa-Vicencio, Frank Chikane, Desmond Tutu, Allan Boesak

Description: Montage on the role of the church and its leaders in South Africa in the 1980s. Brief clips of Reverend Allan Boesak, a cleric in the Dutch Reformed Church and frequent speaker on behalf of the United Democratic Front, and Bishop Desmond Tutu, speaking about a march to Pollsmoor Prison. [00:16] Footage of the march to Pollsmoor, outside of Tokai. [01:07] Footage of Frank Chikane, Member National Executive Committee, former ANC Director-General in the office of the Deputy President, Director-General in office of the President 1999 - , Allan Boesak, and Professor Charles Villa-Vicencio, Director of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR), in City Hall in Cape Town and leading the march. [01:30] Shots of students and academics at the University of Western Cape. [01:59] Footage of protestors being sjamboked next to Pollsmoor Prison. [02:16] Still photos of Desmond Tutu, Frank Chikane, and Allan Boesak. [03:53] Additional footage of anti-apartheid march in Cape Town. [04:27]