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Educating about rights
Duration: 00:44:20

People: Margaret Ortman, Liz Abrahams

Primary Language(s): English

Description: Video footage includes two dramas that were part of CVET's mission to produce and distribute educational films. The first portrays arrest and detention during the State of Emergency. These edutainment plays depict the pattern of harassment by the security police and educate the viewers on the extent of police powers to search, detain, harass, torture activists and their families. They are also meant to inform detainees and their families of their rights during the State of Emergency. Another drama addressing problems that affect factory workers, especially women, such as poor working conditions, low pay, high cost of living, poor living conditions and the impact these issues have upon children Interview with Liz Abrahams, former general secretary of the Food and Canning Workers Union banned under the Suppression of Communism Act, about the hardships faced by women factory workers and her union organizing work. [26:05] Interview with Margaret Ortman, a domestic worker. She tells about the difficulties of working to feed her family. [29:30]