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ANC Meeting in Athlone (4/4)
Athlone, Cape Town
Duration: 00:06:23

People: Kader Asmal, Graham Bloch, Pallo Jordaan, Trevor Manuel

Primary Language(s): English

Description: Footage of an ANC meeting in Athlone. Pallo Jordaan, former member Non-European Unity Movement, head of Radio Freedom in Angoloa, MK, ANC NEC, former Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, and Minister of Art and Culture, 1999 - , addresses the meeting. [00:00] Behind Jordaan on the right is Graham Bloch, former NUSAS leader and UDF education officer. [01:40] Jordaan passes next to Kader Asmal, human rights activist, founding member of the British anti-apartheid movement, ANC NEC, MP, and former Minister of Water and Forestry and Education, and Trevor Manuel, anti-apartheid activist and Minister of Finance 1996- . [02:03] Footage of a youth drama group. [02:08]

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