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"Apartheid is in deep conflict"
Woodstock, Cape Town
June 14, 1990
Duration: 00:21:15

People: Dullah Omar, Siraj Desai, Lynne Brown

Primary Language(s): English

Description: Footage of ANC meeting in Woodstock, Cape Town. Seated are Reggie September (trade unionist and political exile), Lynne Brown (member of the United Women’s Organization, United Women’s Congress, and UDF, and Western Cape Provincial Minister of Finance and Tourism, 1994 - ), and Dullah Omar (Muslim anti-apartheid activist and former Minister of both Justice and Transport). [00:00] Lynne Brown speaks to the gathering. [00:54] Siraj Desai (post-1994 Cape High Court Judge) speaks about MK, economic sanctions, and his vision for a post-apartheid society. [02:04] Dullah Omar calls for an intensification in the struggle against censorship and the building of a strong ANC. [07:36]

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