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Albie Sachs: Return of an Exile (1)
District Six, Cape Town
c. 1991

Duration: 00:21:06

People: Albie Sachs

Primary Language(s): English

Description: Albie Sachs gives a walking tour of Cape Town. He visits Caledon Square police station, site where political prisoners were interrogated, and District Six, site of forced removals. Sachs laments that Cape Town is still an apartheid city but encourages people to work for a non-racial society. [00:01]

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Albie Sachs: Return of an Exile (2)

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"I'm coming back to Cape Town. In a way, it's amputated like I am. It's Cape Town with a hole in it." 00:21:06
Description: Upon returning to Cape Town from exile, long-time activist Albie Sachs comments to reporters about the effect of the forced removals from District Six. (Sachs lost his arm from a car bomb in Mozambique that was placed by South African agents in 1988.)