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"Let us be one united nation in South Africa" 1 of 3
Durban, February 25, 1990
Duration: 00:17:17
"We are not allowed to see our dead"
Cape Town, March 22, 1985
Duration: 00:20:47
"We in the UDF feel humbled and are proud to be associated with an organization like that..."
Cape Town, No Date
Johannesburg, February 17, 1984
Duration: 00:01:03
Day of Unbanning
Cape Town, February 2, 1990
Duration: 00:11:32
Lekota, Chikane, and Garier
Cape Town, No Date
Duration: 00:21:05
Pre-UDF launch press conference with prominent UDF leaders
Cape Town, c. August 1983
Duration: 00:08:24
UDF Million Signature Campaign
Cape Town, January 22, 1984
Johannesburg, February 17, 1984
Duration: 00:20:56