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Funeral in Gugulethu
Gugulethu, Cape Town
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Duration: 00:16:16

People: Nomatyala Hangana, Mahlubandile Dziba, Howard Marawu, Mildred Holo

Primary Language(s): English

Description: Footage of a funeral in Gugelethu, including freedom songs, and the ANC flag near the coffin. [00:00] Ms. Nomatyala Hangana, member ANC Women’s League and current Deputy Minister of Provincial and Local Government, translates for Mrs. Mildred Holo, member of the ANC Women’s League, United Women’s Congress, and Umkhonto weSizwe, and organizer of the 1952 Defiance Campaign, as she speaks to the funeral attendees. [03:55] Mahlubandile Dziba leads the crowd in song. [07:17] Reverend Howard Marawu leads the funeral procession. [09:01]